Product version    –  15.3
Developer Name  –  Yoast
Product Type        –  Plugin
License Type        –  GPL
Released date       –  November 27, 2022
Last update          –   June 11, 2024

Yoast Local SEO Premium 15.3

Yoast local SEO premium is one of the most popular Local SEO tools which helps your website rank higher in your local community. You definitely need to use this tool if you want your local customers to find you easily.

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Yoast Local SEO premium

Millions of people use local searches every day to find nearby stores and online businesses. Local SEO helps a lot in targeting those local customers at the exact time when they are looking for a certain service. Local SEO is an effective way to increase the online visibility of your online business and can help you promote your products and services.

Yoast local SEO premium is one of the most popular Local SEO tools which helps your website rank higher in your local community. You definitely need to use this tool if you want your local customers to find you easily.

Why install Yoast Local SEO premium?

There are lots of reasons where you might want to use this plugin.

  • It can save you time and effort:

If you are an SEO expert who loves doing all of the SEO stuff by themselves and enjoy experimenting new things then this is Not the tool for you. You can go ahead and take the long road but if you don’t have enough knowledge about how Local SEO works then we recommend using this tool. Ranking your website on top of any search engine is not an easy task especially when you have no idea how it works in the first place. But with Yoast SEO premium you don’t have to worry about ranking your website. Just install this plugin and let it take care of the rest.

  • Makes it much easier to rank on Google:

Google is the most widely used search engine. With that being said, it is still quite hard to attract a huge number of visitors to your website when there are so many competitors around. That’s where Yoast Local SEO comes into play. It carefully considers the latest Google Algorithms and prepares your page in such a way that it ranks higher on Google. It tells everything to Google that it needs to know in order to make your website rank higher i.e. your business name, business type, location and opening hours. It carefully puts everything in place so that Google can easily find it and Google really does love it when you tell it more about yourself.

  • Improve the online presence of your business locally:

As the name suggests, Yoast Local SEO premium is specifically designed to increase the local presence of your business so that you can get more local visitors and promote your business in the local market. If you are not on top of the search engines then you are losing your target market to your competitors. But you don’t have to worry about losing your customers anymore. This Local SEO plugin can take care of ranking your website on top of the search engines.

How to install Yoast Local SEO Premium?

  1. Firstly, you need to download the plugin.
  2. After that go to WordPress dashboard and then go to Plugins>Add New>Upload plugin.
  3. Select the file from your PC and then install it.
  4. When the installation is done, click the activate button.

That’s it. You have successfully installed Yoast Local SEO premium plugin.


  • Increase the online visibility of your business in local community
  • Insert Google Maps
  • Enter Address of your business
  • Insert Opening hours of your store
  • High ranking in local searches

Yoast Local SEO Premium free download

Yoast Local SEO premium free download

Product Type Version Last Update Download
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin10.0.02019-03-14Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin10.0.12019-03-16Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin10.12019-04-06Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin11.0.02019-04-21Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin11.12019-05-04Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin11.22019-05-17Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin11.32019-05-30Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin11.42019-06-14Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin11.52019-07-02Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin11.62019-07-12Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin11.72019-07-24Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin11.82019-08-07Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin11.92019-08-21Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin12.02019-09-04Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin12.12019-09-18Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin12.1.12019-09-25Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin12.1.22019-10-02Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin12.22019-10-17Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin12.2.12019-10-25Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin12.32019-11-19Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin12.52019-12-23Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin12.6.12020-01-10Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin12.82020-03-17Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin12.8.12020-03-24Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin13.12020-05-17Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin13.22020-06-12Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin13.42020-07-22Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin13.52020-08-19Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin13.62020-10-01Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin15.12020-10-14Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin13.72020-11-01Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin13.82020-12-03Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin13.92021-03-25Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin14.02021-07-14Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin14.12021-09-11Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin14.22021-11-21Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin14.32022-01-29Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin14.52022-07-13Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin14.62022-08-11Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin14.72022-11-18Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin14.82023-02-27Request Now
Yoast Local SEO Premiumplugin15.0 2023-05-26Request Now
yoastplugin15.22024-01-24Request Now
yoastplugin15.32024-02-08Request Now
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