Woocommerce Anti-Fraud 5.8.8


Product version    –  5.8.8
Developer Name  –  Woocommerce
Product Type        –  Plugin
License Type        –  GPL
Released date       –  November 26, 2022
Last update          –   June 28, 2024

Woocommerce Anti-Fraud 5.8.8

Detect potentially fraudulent transactions on your store!

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Woocommerce Anti-Fraud

Woocommerce Anti-Fraud is unfortunate, but true, that fraudulent transactions fuel a large sector of the e-commerce industry. When a fraudulent transaction is made via your online store, it is of paramount importance to act swiftly to

1) ensure your customers aren’t affected and
2) minimize hassles for you, as the store owner.

Woocommerce Anti-Fraud extension is designed to help you pick up fraudulent transactions and catch them as they happen – by scanning and providing a score for each transaction made via your online store, based on a set of advanced scoring rules.

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ProductTypeVersionLast UpdateDownload
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin1.0.162018-09-27Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin1.0.172018-11-21Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin1.0.182019-03-07Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin1.0.192019-04-24Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin1.0.202019-05-06Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin2.02019-05-30Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin2.12019-06-28Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin2.3.02019-08-28Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin2.52019-11-01Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin2.6.02019-11-19Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin2.72020-01-28Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin2.7.12020-02-18Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin2.7.32020-07-12Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin2.7.42020-07-22Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin2.82020-09-08Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin2.92020-09-21Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin2.9.12020-09-30Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin3.02020-10-10Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin3.22020-11-12Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin3.32020-11-26Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin3.42020-12-24Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin3.52021-03-04Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin3.62021-04-22Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin3.72021-06-28Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin3.92021-09-10Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin4.02021-11-17Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin4.12021-12-26Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin4.22022-01-19Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin4.32022-04-14Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin4.3.12022-05-11Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin4.42022-07-28Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin4.52022-08-04Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin4.62022-09-15Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin4.72022-10-13Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin4.7.12022-10-26Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin5.1.02023-02-17Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin5.5.12023-07-16Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin5.5.22023-08-23Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin5.5.32023-09-27Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin5.6.02023-10-25Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin5.7.02023-11-12Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin5.7.12023-11-17Request Now
Woocommerce Anti-Fraudplugin5.7.72024-01-18Request Now
woocommerceplugin5.8.02024-02-28Request Now
woocommerceplugin5.8.12024-03-05Request Now
woocommerceplugin5.8.22024-03-26Request Now
woocommerceplugin5.8.32024-03-30Request Now
woocommerceplugin5.8.42024-05-10Request Now
woocommerceplugin5.8.62024-05-14Request Now
woocommerceplugin5.8.82024-06-27Request Now
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