Product version    –  9.1.13
Developer Name  –  BackupBuddy
Product Type        –  Theme
License Type        –  GPL
Released date       –  November 26, 2022
Last update          –   July 4, 2024

IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin 9.1.13

BackupBuddy Wordpress Plugin allows you to back up your entire WordPress website. This back can be used to restore your website later on or you can even migrate your website to a different host with this backup.

Original price was: $80.00.Current price is: $10.00.

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  • Affordable price & Lifetime Update Included.
  • 100% Transparency & Trusted.
  • Download verified by SiteLock & Sucuri.
  • All products come under GPL License means Unlimited Domain use.
  • 100% Free From Virus / Malicious Script / Backdoor.
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Backupbuddy download free with membership

IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin  is a top of the line WordPress plugin that makes the job of setting up your website easy for you. A WordPress theme gives you the initial design for your Website, it is through Plugins like IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin  that you make your website truly functional.

IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin You won’t have to invest in extra SEO efforts because it’s compatible Yoast SEO plugin,IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin  would give you the edge that you need over your competition.

More about IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin :-

IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin  would help you set up extra functionality of your website. This plugin offers the best way to deal with the business aspect of your website. It allows you to come up with a system that ensures safer funds transfer and enhanced website security that you just won’t get with any other plugin.

The best thing about these Plugins is, it is easy to download and install, you can easily integrate with your WordPress and WooCommerce based platforms. IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin  is a high-end WordPress plugin that makes your life a lot easier.

The current version of  IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin is 9.1.13, You can easily update this plugin if we upload a new version on our website If you purchase our membership then you can update automatic using Automatic Upgrade Plugin 

Why do you need to Install IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin ?

If you want to make the most out of your SEO efforts than we suggest you invest in IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin  WordPress plugin. This plugin integrates well with all WordPress based websites and takes care of your website privacy and Security Needs

  • Increased Search Engine Visibility: IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin  would complement your SEO efforts and would help increase the online visibility of your Website it is compatible Yoast SEO plugin
  • Better Website Security: IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin  is a 100% original product that is purchased by under the terms of GPL license. The credit is to the developers. This plugin offers your website better security and virus threat management
  • Safer Funds Transfer: You get a safer funds transfer mechanism with IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin  WordPress plugin. There won’t be any risk on the privacy of your users
  • Interactive UI: The UI is quite interactive. You can easily install this plugin and integrate it with other WordPress plugins
  • No Technical Knowledge Required: IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin  is extremely easy to use. You don’t need to have any kind of coding skills to use this Plugin. Just install this plugin and you are good to go

IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin  is developed by BackupBuddy (Known and Good Developer)

If you want to more information about this product then visit the main author’s website.

This plugin was uploaded on our website November 26, 2022 and last updated July 4, 2024, You can easily update the product if we update on our website.

backupbuddy download Quick Features:-

  • 100% authentic WordPress Plugin
  • Safe and Secure
  • Verified Product with credits to the creators
  • Offers better security and Privacy Protection
  • Made available by under the terms of GPL licensing
  • Available in affordable price at
  • Available at discounted rates

Download IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin  WordPress Plugin right now and enhance the effects of your site quality.

You can get backupbuddy download here on a huge discount on individual purchase, If you buy membership then You can free download IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin as well as  You will get access to all the products (29143) free like WordPress, Woocommerce, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Muse, Opencart, Prestashop, Shopify, Unbounce, Ghost, Tumblr, Virtuemart, Graphics, Html templates, Php script and more … free! We provide an automatic upgrade service for the wp plugin, We provide 24/7 hour support by Email, Live chat, Whatsapp, Skype, as well as  Phone Call support.

ProductTypeVersionLast UpdateDownload
IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Pluginplugin8.3.0.02018-10-04Request Now
IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Pluginplugin8.3.1.02018-10-21Request Now
IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Pluginplugin8.3.1.12018-10-28Request Now
IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Pluginplugin8.3.2.02018-12-10Request Now
IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Pluginplugin8.3.3.02018-12-14Request Now
IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Pluginplugin8.3.3.12018-12-18Request Now
IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Pluginplugin8.3.4.02018-12-20Request Now
IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Pluginplugin8.3.5.02019-02-02Request Now
IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Pluginplugin8.3.6.32019-02-23Request Now
IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Pluginplugin8.3.7.02019-03-12Request Now
IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Pluginplugin8.3.9.02019-03-14Request Now
IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Pluginplugin8.3.10.02019-04-02Request Now
IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Pluginplugin8.3.11.02019-04-12Request Now
IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Pluginplugin8.3.12.02019-05-04Request Now
IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Pluginplugin8.4.15.02019-05-11Request Now
IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Pluginplugin8.4.16.02019-06-19Request Now
IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Pluginplugin8.4.17.02019-06-19Request Now
IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Pluginplugin8.4.18.02019-06-20Request Now
IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Pluginplugin8.4.19.02019-08-28Request Now
IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Pluginplugin8.5.0.02019-11-19Request Now
IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Pluginplugin8.5.2.02019-11-21Request Now
IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Pluginplugin8.5.2.12019-12-10Request Now
IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Pluginplugin8.5.3.12020-02-11Request Now
IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Pluginplugin8.5.3.22020-02-19Request Now
IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Pluginplugin8.5.4.02020-03-12Request Now
IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Pluginplugin8.5.5.02020-03-24Request Now
IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Pluginplugin8.5.6.02020-04-23Request Now
IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Pluginplugin8.5.7.02020-04-25Request Now
IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Pluginplugin8.5.9.02020-07-08Request Now
IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Pluginplugin8.6.0.02020-07-19Request Now
IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Pluginplugin8.6.1.02020-08-13Request Now
IThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Pluginplugin Now
BackupBuddyplugin8.7.1.02020-12-23Request Now
BackupBuddyplugin8.7.2.02020-12-30Request Now
BackupBuddyplugin8.7.3.02021-06-28Request Now
BackupBuddyplugin8.7.4.02021-07-22Request Now
BackupBuddyplugin8.7.4.12022-03-12Request Now
BackupBuddyplugin 8.7.52022-09-05Request Now
BackupBuddyplugin8.8.12023-01-11Request Now
BackupBuddyplugin8.8.42023-07-22Request Now
BackupBuddyplugin9.0.02023-10-12Request Now
BackupBuddyplugin9.1.12023-11-10Request Now
BackupBuddyplugin9.1.22023-11-13Request Now
BackupBuddyplugin9.1.32023-11-22Request Now
BackupBuddyplugin9.1.42023-12-07Request Now
BackupBuddytheme9.1.72024-02-06Request Now
BackupBuddytheme9.1.82024-02-15Request Now
BackupBuddytheme9.1.102024-03-08Request Now
BackupBuddytheme9.1.122024-05-10Request Now
BackupBuddytheme9.1.132024-07-03Request Now
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